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At RDM Centre of Expertise (RDM CoE), students, lecturers and researchers from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences – from different disciplines – work together with entrepreneurs on technical innovations for port and city. On the campus of RDM Rotterdam a learning environment has been set up that is similar to the practice and is equipped with all kinds of facilities. RDM CoE also organizes events that aim to make young people enthusiastic about a study or job in science and engineering. In this way we contribute to innovative and future-proof technology education.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences pays considerable attention to two themes that are important for the economic and social development of Rotterdam: ‘South’ and ‘Port’. This also takes shape in two Centres of Expertise (CoEs): Centre of Expertise Social Innovation for the south of Rotterdam and RDM CoE for the port. We work closely together with the (engineering) institutes and research centres of the university.

Themes and projects

We focus on four themes that are important for the port and city of Rotterdam:

  • Next Port Industry: Maritime Innovation, Smart Making, Biobased & Circular
  • Logistics & Mobility: Digitization of Logistics, Electric Mobility, Autonomous Transport
  • Energy Transition: Renewable Sources, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency
  • Resilient City: Sustainable Building, Living in a Delta, Water Quality and Safety

Within these themes, projects are initiated, organized and facilitated in which education, research and the business community work together closely and interdisciplinarily.

Illustratie thema's RDM CoE

Campus and facilities

RDM CoE is located on the campus of RDM Rotterdam. Where formerly famous ships such as the steamship Rotterdam were built, the former shipyard of the Rotterdam Dry-dock Company (RDM) now provides space for entrepreneurs, education and research. Numerous events are also organized here. RDM is located in the middle of the port – yet is surprisingly close to the city.

On the campus, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and partners together invest in state-of-the-art facilities that companies and educational institutions alone cannot realize. The labs and workshops are used for education, but entrepreneurs can also rent these – or collaborate with students here. In Innovation Dock, a unique context-rich learning environment has been created, for example with a ‘smart tech’ fablab, hydrogen lab and hydrology laboratory.

Technology promotion and events

Technology is important for the development of the port of Rotterdam, the region and the entire society. That is why we (co) organize events that aim to make young people enthusiastic about a tech study or job, introduce ‘the port’ to university students, bring together supply and demand in the field of port traineeships, and stimulate innovative entrepreneurship.

At RDM Rotterdam, many large (Future Flux Festival, World Port Days) and smaller events are organized annually. At these events, studying and working in science and engineering is promoted among young people, from primary school children and high school students to MBO and HBO students. Young people can get acquainted with the latest technology at these events.

RDM CoE for you

Whether you study at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences or work there as a lecturer or researcher, or you are an entrepreneur looking for the expertise of education; RDM CoE connects you to the parties that can help you with your project or innovation question. Because innovation starts where people work together. Contact us and discover what we can do for you.


We are located in the the old head office building of the former Rotterdam Dry-dock Company:

Heijplaatstraat 23
3089 JB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

You can contact us by telephone or e-mail:

+31 (0)10 794 9292


  • Waterbus: from Erasmus Bridge, St. Jobshaven or Katendrecht a fast ferry sails to Heijplaat-RDM. From the jetty you will see entrance ‘Academie van Bouwkunst’ on your right. Plan your trip
  • Watertaxi: a taxi boat service in Rotterdam. From the jetty you will see entrance ‘Academie van Bouwkunst’ on your right. Plan your trip
  • Bus: from bus and underground station Zuidplein RET-bus 68 goes to RDM Campus. The bus stop is right in front of entrance ‘Academie van Bouwkunst’. Plan your trip
  • Car: on ring road Rotterdam Zuid (South, A15) take exit 18: Heijplaat. At the top of the exit, follow the signs for Heijplaat / Havens (port numbers) 2250-2750. Keep following the signs for Heijplaat/RDM Rotterdam, but don’t turn left at ‘exit’ Heijplaat (this is a village). Follow the road to the right instead and immediately after the next sharp turn to the right, Parking A (free parking) is on your left. In Heijplaatstraat there is free parking as well. By taking entrance ‘Academie van Bouwkunst’ (Heijplaatstraat 23) you can reach RDM CoE on the first floor.